Hat Creek: A Wild Trout Legacy

Michael Wier | 2018 | 14 min.

2020 Official Selection

Every story has a beginning.  Our story, in many ways, begins with Hat Creek. Hat Creek is our founding project, our legacy project. Back in 1971, when Caltrout was formed, the project demonstrated that an organization of passionate anglers could come together to restore a stream and bring back an iconic fishery. More than that though, on Hat Creek a new concept for wild trout management was embraced – the idea that we can do without hatchery fish, that the ethic of catch and release is good for fish and anglers alike, and the idea that having a controlled set of regulations focused on wild trout could be successful.  Over the decades, there have been many chapters to the story of Hat Creek. The most recent chapter is our Hat Creek Restoration Project. But that name doesn’t do it justice. What started out as a restoration project turned into so much more.

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