On Tour Resources 2024: Film Program Info

Before you get started, here are some programming tips! Remember, we are deeply invested in the quality of Wild & Scenic On Tour Events.  For this reason, we reserve the right to adjust the order of the films you screen to optimize your program.

  1. Open hearts before opening minds: Films that establish legitimacy, open hearts, and engage the audience should be placed at the start of each half of your show! This will draw your audience in before you begin to introduce them to the topics you want them to learn from.
  2. Anchor films: Longer films (15+ minutes) should generally be placed close to the end of each half of the program. This helps keep the momentum up, and offers the audience a structural point of anticipation. Because these longer films are where the audience’s attention gets driven, it’s worth looking for an anchor film that highlights the event themes.
  3. Calls to action: If the goal of your film program is to galvanize your audience toward action, you may want to include a call to action following your anchor film. These films should be empowering and (ideally) brief to tie your message together.

2023 Film Info Sheet (PDF)

2023 Film Info Sheet (Excel)

2024 Film Info Sheet (PDF)

2024 Film Info Sheet (Excel)

2023 – 2024 Feature Films

2024 Curated Programs

The order of the films in a curated program cannot be altered.

Art + Nature

Best of Fest

Farming Stories

Inspiring Journeys

Real Action


Water Tales

Wild Child

Wild Women

Wonderful Wildlife

NEW this year!

These films can be programmed into a custom film program. 

WildHope Series

Watch Your Favorites

Please do not share these links with anyone outside of your film committee. 

Construct Your Film Program

The film program for your event will be delivered as a 1080p Full HD MP4 file, downloadable via a Vimeo link. Blu-ray discs are no longer offered.  At present auto-generated closed captions are provided complimentary for VOD. Open Captions are available for a fee for in-person program, see the Add-On Fee sheet for details. Please reach out to your on tour coordinator with any questions.

Film Program Workbook_2024

  • Sheet 1: Film Program Template
  • Sheet 2: Film Names & Time
  • Sheet 3: Film Selection & Scoring
  • Sheet 4: Award Winners
  • Sheet 5: Filmmaker Contact Info

Construct Your Slides (Custom Program Only.)

NOTE: please delete the grey border before submitting if you do not want it to show up in your film program. Remember to upload the slides as .png files to Dropbox.

               OR Build your slides in Canva (while designing, please use a 1920×1080 template and save and share as a .png file.)