Staff Highlight: Theresa Crowell

Tell us a little bit about who Resa Crowell is

Resa Crowell is passionate about the environment, social justice, foster care systems and all things personal growth.  She is a devoted member of H.E.R. Weekend and a mentor in the Omega Point Program.  She is also actively volunteering in the fight against the reopening of the Idaho Maryland Mine.  She loves hiking, swimming in the Yuba River, camping and canoeing with her husband, Aaron.

What was your introduction to Wild & Scenic Film Festival?

I was introduced to WSFF via my cousins, some of which would fly into the area just for the festival.  I assumed I would see adventure films but arriving to the first venue, I saw Bag It.  It was about single use plastics and it blew my mind.  Until that film, I had zero awareness.  I used all things single used plastics and much worse, I am ashamed to say.  When I walked out the theatre that day, I noticed everyone carrying Kleen Kanteen bottles and I thought “I can do that.”

Next I purchased an app for my phone called “How to be green” and slowly, but surely, I changed many things in my life.  I came full “SYRCL”  LOL

How many festivals have you attended?

I have attended WSFF in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017¸ 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.  11 festivals!

Why were you interested in this role with Wild & Scenic? How have your previous jobs/roles prepared you for your work with Wild & Scenic?

After I learned about the effects of factory farming and food on our planet, I became so aware, I no longer felt comfortable with mainstream sales roles.  I wanted to sell something that was good in the world.  I wanted it to be free of plastic, chemicals, organic and more.  My previous sales roles in the dental industry could not provide that.  I knew a lot about dental business and treatment, so I had the skillset to run a program like the On Tour program.  I had also run my own organic food business, which taught me a lot about managing growth and finances.  Those experiences were vital to this role at On Tour Sales Manager.

What has been your favorite WSFF experience?

My favorite WSFF experiences are many!  During the 2018 festival, when my coworker got me out of my role at headquarters and over to the Golden Era for a Fireside Chat with the activists from Valve Turners!  I was mesmerized and inspired!  My other favorite was seeing Chad Brown speak after a screening of Chandalar.  He brings up every important issue that I am passionate about and his story is powerful and important.

What is your favorite part about working with the On Tour program?

My favorite part of working for the On Tour program is that I get to connect with nonprofits and great organizations all over the world.  I love learning about their work and seeing them through the eyes of our work, here at SYRCL.  It brings a view of beauty to see us all work towards a common good.   I love to picture one person like me at every event.  That means that we are truly changing the world, one event at a time.  That fulfills me and brings purpose to my life.

What makes the On Tour program unique?

WSFF On Tour is unique because we offer the most complete, turn key system available today, which means it can be very easy to host and to grow the event into a significant tool for fundraising and outreach.  We also have a unique flavor that draws the most important demographics:  those that become involved, volunteer, donate and support the hosting organizations.  We have good mixes for variety of programming and our work towards justice, equity, diversity and inclusion provides a better film experience than most.

What are one or two of your favorite films currently On Tour? Why?

My most favorite films On Tour are The Magical Forest and the Things and Camp Yoshi.  They most present important and serious messages in a way that we can all take in.  I don’t want to see the continued growth of mcmansions and would love to see more camps, trips and events that are just for BIPOC faces.  I can go anywhere I want without much threat, I am privileged.  And yeah “that’s our gumbo” is my favorite movie quote of 2022!