Bodies of Water

Lavado Stubbs | 2021 | 10 min.

2022 Official Selection

For many Bahamians, the ocean is home. From these waters comes sustenance, opportunity, and identity. But this relationship is also complex and paradoxical. With a population of over 90 percent African descent, The Bahamas endures a colonial past of trauma and enslavement that can’t be overlooked if their future is to remain hopeful, especially amidst the rising threats of climate change, resource extraction, and ecological decline. The ocean then links these worlds—the past and present, suffering and restoration, exploitation and preservation—and offers a path forward. Only by working together equitably will these opportunities of the ocean be fully realized and protected. Only by uniting as bodies of water—as advocates, educators, and environmentalists—will past legacies be amended and amazing new potentials be achieved.