A Walk Through The Land of 1,000 Hills

Chema Domenech, Kelly Carpenter, Ian McLeod | 2019 | 11 min.

2020 Official Selection

Award Winner: 2020 Student Filmmaker Award (Chema Domenech)

Claver Ntoyinkima, a native park ranger, shares the secrets of Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda as he guides us through the forest. With almost 300 bird species, over 1,000 plant species, and dozens of large and small mammals, Nyungwe is one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Twenty-five years after the devastation of the Rwandan Civil War, the park is now one of the best-conserved montane rainforests in Central Africa. As Claver walks through the forest we uncover the origins of his conservation values and the history of an ecosystem that survived one of Rwanda’s darkest periods.


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