On Tour Resources 2024: Sponsorship

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Sponsors are a great way to increase your event’s profitability and they can double as marketing partners! Sponsors can also add value to the event with raffle items, services, and in-kind donations. Sponsors should help you sell tickets, promote your festival, and talk up your organization with their networks. Cultivate these partners, and potential partner relationships and you will see not only an increase in revenue, but increased attendance and outreach!

You want to solicit progressive, forward-thinking businesses looking to align themselves with an environmental event. Keep in mind that these relationships take months, sometimes years, to build, so if you plan on selling sponsorship, start on this as early as possible.

Remember that simply dropping off a solicitation letter with a smile will not get your event sponsored, no matter how worthy the cause. Ask your sponsors what they need. Sponsorships come through carefully fostered relationships, mutual respect, and an understanding that an event like yours has a lot to offer businesses and organizations trying to get their name out to your community. It is worth putting yourself out there through a concerted effort to get sponsorships for your event.

Last but not least, don’t forget to set deadlines. If you need sponsors included on print materials or in your film program ( slides, logos), make sure your deadlines are set appropriately to stay on track with your timeline. Plus, the earlier you can start a conversation with potential sponsors, the better!

Looking to up your sponsorship game, or are you considering sponsorship benefits for the first time?

Check out our short webinar series on Securing Sponsorship. We’ll discuss customer perceived value, conversion rate, shifting your money mindset, and how to connect with potential sponsors.

Follow along with the webinar series here.

We recommended asking each sponsor what their needs are and then tailoring an appropriate sponsorship proposal to meet them where they’re at. Doing so not only helps determine appropriate levels of giving, but solidifies your relationship with the sponsor. As we transition back to in-person or VOD hybrid events,  you may want to consider creating a sponsorship deck or sponsorship letter if it suits your organization and your community at this time. Whichever route you choose, remain open-minded, adaptable and gracious – you got this!

Doing Video on Demand hybrid? Here are some examples of virtual offerings for your sponsors!

Sample Sponsorship Documents

Sample Sponsorship Letter 

(This version is an editable Word Document)

Sample Sponsorship Deck

Credit: Friends of Nevada Wilderness/Knit Studios 2019