Cormie: The Pickpocket Cormorant

Morgan Heim | 2020 | 10 min.

2022 Official Selection

Cormie, a double-crested cormorant, loves money. She loves chasing money, catching money, and if you’re not careful, stealing money. Part mockumentary, part true-life tale, “Cormie,” reveals the heart of a rescue center working hard to save wildlife in the small coastal town of Astoria, Oregon. As her trainers Melisa and Joshua endeavor to teach her the art of the steal, Cormie illustrates the emotional bonds and intelligence that can be found between humans and cormorants, an oft-maligned “pest” species. For the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, a wildlife rescue center hit hard by the pandemic, Cormie’s love of money may be just what the doctor ordered.

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