April 20, 2024

Mountain Area Preservation

Olympic Valley, CA

The Village at Palisades

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Films to be screened include:

Danny Macaskill: Do a Wheelie

In the summer of 2021 Danny MacAskill put out a call to action to his 3.5 million social media fans asking them to #WheelieWithDanny. Riders.. Read More

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Brave Girl

Brave Girl is a strong young adventurer, who with the help of her grandpa is beginning her journey of finding out what it takes to.. Read More

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JoJo – A Toad Musical

"JOJO" celebrates a creative and musical portrait of JoJo Nyaribo, a young nature lover and wildlife advocate as he explores the meaning of biodiversity and.. Read More

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Mel Fell

One day, when Mama bird is away, Mel decides it is time to learn to fly. She has been in the nest long enough. Despite.. Read More

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Biopixels explores the world of evolutionary biology on the microscopic scale. Using the latest light microscope technology, butterfly wings become micro-mosaics. Butterflies and moths comprise.. Read More

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Valley of the Turkeys

In the documentary "Valley of the Turkeys," filmmaker Sean Grasso takes a pandemic-inspired detour from commercial film work to explore a remote California valley. Initially.. Read More

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Up and At ‘Em

Take a tour of a bustling ecosystem of animal friends as the sun rises on another busy day in Up and At ‘Em. Featuring music.. Read More

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Flowing – My Dream of More Freedom

The river itself speaks about its dream of flowing wilder and freer again. Dams, weirs and other obstacles disrupt the natural functioning of rivers and.. Read More

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A shoal of herrings, adopting fantastic formations, roams the vast ocean. When seagulls suddenly attack, one small herring finds itself stranded in a tidal pool... Read More

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Kind of Fishy

A unique fishtale - made with driftwood. Dive in with the fun, fast - and furious - fish! There's life in everything - if you.. Read More

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Return of the Manatees

Crystal River has long been a safe haven for the Florida manatee, but when an invasive algae wiped out the eelgrass that manatees need for.. Read More

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Turtle Trackers

In the battle to save leatherback sea turtles, knowledge is key. Learn how Florida Atlantic University is using miniaturized satellite tags to reveal the mysteries.. Read More

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Bridging Fragments

Urbanization and deforestation are fracturing the wildlife corridors that preserve biodiversity in tropical rainforests, putting many species at risk, including the world's slowest mammal -.. Read More

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You Are Not Small

Lucy Hawking, award winning children's book author, and daughter of scientist Stephen Hawking, makes science accessible and engaging through her numerous books. Her latest book.. Read More

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