2021 Art Exhibition Award-Winners

The Award-Winners in each category–Photography, Two-Dimensional, and Best in Theme “Resilient by Nature”–as well as three Judges Awards have been announced!

Congratulations to the 2021 Virtual Art Exhibition Award-Winners:


First Place: Marie Wolfe – “Big Splash”
Second Place: Ellen Davis – “The Delta”
Third Place: Madison Woods – “Destination Unknown”


First Place: Will Barber – “Monitor Valley Storm”
Second Place: David Wong – “Ancient Forest”
Third Place: Jeff Pleadwell – “Ouzel & Me”

Best in Theme – “Resilient by Nature”

“High Altitude Romance” – Linda Galusha

Judges Awards

Cindy Leeson – “Snow Dunes, Hayden Valley, Yellowstone NP”
Jennifer Rugge – “Guardians of Resilience”
Rick Aeschliman – “Moonrise on the Sierra Crest”

Congratulations to all the artists selected for the 2021 Virtual Art Exhibition:

Rick Aeschliman, June Anderson, Rob Badger, Jim Bair, Will Barber, Joshua Berman, Kian Berreman, LeeAnn Brook, Ian Callahan, Aron Campisano, Ellen Davis, Kathy Dotson, Gaea Cherissa Dukelow, Jill Erickson, Linda Galusha, Vic Gladstone, Henry Goodman, Heather Lang, Erika Lee, Cindy Leeson, Donna Levreault, Betsy Lombard, Luciano Luz, Yvonne Maximchuk, Peggy McDonald, Maile McGrew-Frede, David McKay, Michael Pistono, Jeff Pleadwell, Susan Pollard, Misha Rauchwerger, Marianne Reger, Ron Ritcher, Rachel Rosenthal, Janice Rosner, Jennifer Rugge, Claire Sianna Seaman, Marsha Stone, Kelli Thompson, Denise Wey, Nita Winter, Noga Wizansky, Marie Wolfe, David Wong, Madison Woods, Joanne Yue

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