On Tour Resources 2021: Film Program Assets

Ready to plan your virtual or hybrid event?

We’ve produced nearly 200 virtual events over the past year, so we’re ready to walk you through it!

We recommend you start by watching this video overview of our 2020/2021 live-to-tape virtual events:

Note that some of the technical details in the video (for instance, the way information is collected) may have been updated since the recording, so please consult your Tour Coordinator with any specific questions.

Virtual Program Deliverables

Please refer to the Timeline for when each item is due. All deliverables should be uploaded into a Dropbox folder link that your Tour Coordinator will provide; emailed files and Google Drive folders are NO LONGER ACCEPTED.

Your final program will be delivered as a downloadable 1080p MP4 file. If your venue requires a Blu-ray disc, let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thank you!

Host & Sponsor Slides

You have five slide placements available to you. They can be used and placed wherever you choose between films. Reference each slide placement in your Film Program Template.

If you need additional slides, they are available in batches of five at an additional cost. See Add-on Services and Fees.

Please use the PowerPoint templates below (or send a 1920p x 1080p PNG file) and keep all logos and text within the gray boxes to ensure they will not be cut off. The gray boxes will not be shown on your final slide(s). Want to see an example? Here are some of our favorites from recent tour hosts!

Host Slide Template

Sponsor Slide Template

Host Clips

NOTE: for HYBRID events, consult with your Tour Coordinator about how you’d like your host clips incorporated into your in-person event.

There are four basic emcee spots that must be incorporated into your program:

    1. Introduction (1-3 minutes): Thank everyone for attending, invite them to engage in the chat and talk a little bit about your organization and the films.
    2. Pre-Intermission (1-3 minutes): Comment briefly on the films, thank the National Partners and show off some of the swag from the National Partner Kit, invite attendees to grab a quick drink, refresh their popcorn, etc. Intermission is 10 minutes.
    3. Post-Intermission (1-2 minutes): Introduce the latter half of the film program, thank local sponsors, etc.
    4. Outro (2-5 minutes): Thank attendees, include a call to action, invite viewers to donate or become members, etc.

If you chose the PREMIUM LTT or HYBRID SIMPLE packages, you have more host clips to work with! The goal of your virtual program is not to simply host a replacement for an in-person gatherings, but rather to create a new event-space for connection, community, and fund/friend-raising. Be creative in your construction of segments! That said, there are certain requirements and constraints on our end, which your Tour Coordinator will relay if an issue is encountered.


Additional recommendations for your Host Clips:

  • Live to Tape segments should not reveal that the event was pre-recorded.
  • Please hang a Wild & Scenic or National Partner banner behind your speakers. Showing off some of the swag or hanging a banner in the background will go a long way toward thanking our National Partners adequately for their continued support.

Host Clip Assets

For an example Host Clip with assets, click here. To include these assets, simply reference them in your Film Program Template.

1. Bumpout logo: During your host clip, a logo appears on the right-hand side of the screen several seconds into the video and will stay on-screen for seven to ten seconds.

The bumpout features space where you can place logos or brief snippets of text if needed. Note: on-screen text is not clickable.

If you would like a logo here, indicate this in your run-of-show and provide that high-res logo with a transparent background to your Tour Coordinator via your Dropbox link.

2. Lower Thirds text: When your emcee or speakers appear on screen, their name and title will appear on screen for several seconds.

The name and title should not exceed 24 characters per line.

Please indicate these names, titles and sidebar logos/text when you submit your film program template (see Film Program Info).


Night of tips for your Virtual Event:

30 minutes prior to your event, the stream will go live with a countdown timer overlaid on some looping drone shots of forests and mountains. We refer to this period as ‘Lobby Time’. This is a time for people to log in, make sure the stream is working, and connect on the device of their choice. The chat box WILL live during this period.  Note: the length of the lobby time is not available for customization.

Livestream troubleshooting resources are available here. You may share this link with ticket holders.