Rachel Rosenthal

Auburn, CA

Artist Statement

It is imperative that we acknowledge the fragility of our world and civilization’s impact, while expressing deep awe and appreciation for our planet.

This image was taken along the South Yuba River upstream of the Old Route 49 bridge. Damaged knees kept me from wandering as far as I’d like, so I sat atop an enormous boulder observing the lazing river froth and its exquisitely silky pattern. The ribbons emanated such a sense of tranquility and peace I was inspired to capture their essence.

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Juried Works:

“Lazing Along the South Yuba”

Medium: 11″ x 16.75″ pigment ink printed by the artist, archival matting, and framed to 18″ x 24.”
Size (h” x w”): 18 x 24

Price: US$ 450 + CA tax (matted/framed)

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