Noga Wizansky

Oakland, CA

Artist Statement

I am an artist, educator, and union member newly migrated to Nevada City from Oakland. My practice combines plein air observation with metaphor and politics. The Brackish Marsh series explores the Suisun Wetlands as landscapes that harbor resilience, where animals and plants are allowed to thrive in all their diversity, protected (we hope) from social, economic, and political forces always at play at their edges. The wetlands are also metaphors for cultural mixing, vulnerability, and sanctuary.

Submission Category:


Juried Works:

“Brackish Marsh 2_Sanctuary”

Medium: Charcoal and graphite on Stonehenge Rag Paper
Size (h” x w”): 22 x 30
Not for Sale

“U.S. Hunting Grounds 1”

Medium: Charcoal and pencil on Lennox 100 paper
Size (h” x w”): 24 x 36
Not for Sale

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