Plastic Problem PSA

Brian Hall, Finch Pharaoh Films, Geoffrey Taylor, Niko Feldman, Spyros Katsihtis, Paul Gibek, Heard City, Seth Phillips, Wakana Ichikaw, Sara Julia Waller, Eva Taylor, C.K. Fernandez, Nicky Kaider, Donna Goldman, Kristina Galants, Thom O’Connor, Sonia Ahuja, Steven Magee, Janice McIntyre, Liz Rossi | 2022 | 1 min.

2023 Official Selection

Plastic Problem PSA portrays a singular message towards global plastic pollution communicated through a comedic lens to open the conversation about this dire topic in a palatable manner. The hope is that Plastic Problem PSA will span across boarders inciting change in human behavior towards our use and disposal of plastic while pursuing more environmentally sustainable solutions.


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