Krsitina Dutton (Director, Producer, Composer, Imaging), Arnaud Martin (Producer, Scientific Advisor, Imaging), Brandon McFarland (Animator, Editor), Nate Kinsella (Composer), Nipam Patel (Scientific Advisor, Imaging) | 2022 | 4 min.

2024 Official Selection

Making the invisible, visible!

Images of butterfly wings at the microscopic scale are stunning, and at the nanoscopic scale they become otherworldly.

Shot at two cutting edge research labs, the images in Nanoscapes were taken with light and electron microscopes at magnifications up to 50,000x.

The elaborate nanoscopic topography of butterfly wings has produced a wealth of data on how structural coloration works, and Nanoscapes is an artistic rendering of exciting new research focused on how butterflies actually build these remarkable, infinitesimal landscapes.

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