Last Call For The Bayou Episode 3: On A Wing and A Prayer

Dominic Gill, Nadia Gill, Encompass Films | 2019 | 11 min.

2020 Official Selection

IN PERSON: Dominic Gill (Director), Nadia Gill (Producer)

Dr. Alex Kolker is the face of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, better known as LUMCON, one of the premier research institutes working to understand the mechanisms and impacts of coastal land loss. He has spent the last decade studying subsidence and sea-level rise in an effort to understand whether or not restoration will be sufficient to stem the loss of land. In this episode of the 5-part Last Call for the Bayou series, Dr. Kolker will walk us through the current restoration projects and whether or not they are having the desired impact, he will show us how New Orleans is sinking and the state has a plan to save the coast.

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