Yisrael Farms: Chanowk and Judith Yisrael

For the past 14 years, Yisrael Farms has worked in the intersection of ecological land stewardship, sustainable food and agriculture, racial equity, and community activation. 

Chanowk and Judith founded Yisrael Farms in 2011 with the mission of #transformingthehood4good by using urban agriculture to engage, empower and employ their community in South Oak Park in Sacramento. 

The real story starts in 2007 after Chanowk’s failed attempt to start a garden in his backyard and Judith’s failed attempt to grow herbs on her balcony.  Coming together in the spirit of love and harmony and after seeing the benefits of growing, harvesting and cooking their own food with their family, they decided to leave their corporate jobs and make agriculture the center of their lives.  

This commitment has blossomed into a farm enterprise that has three main goals: Growing food, Growing people and Growing community.  From building gardens to developing land stewards, farm stands to food boxes, plant sales to policy, the Yisrael’s are deeply rooted in the agriculture scene in Sacramento, CA and beyond.