On Tour Resources 2022: Ticketing and Engagement


Qudio Ticketing Form

In order to streamline the registration process for your attendees, we now offer built-in ticketing through Qudio and Stripe!

Qudio is the platform where your livestream virtual event, or the virtual aspect of your hybrid event, will be hosted. Stripe is the payment processor. This integration is setup so that you can manage certain aspects of your ticketing while allowing attendees to purchase a ticket and view the event all through the same link. With your Qudio host account, preview your event pages, view and export reports, and collect registration data. All monetary transactions are handled directly and securely through Stripe.

Using Qudio ticketing creates a seamless event experience for your attendees, from purchasing their ticket to viewing the program. We want this process to be as simple as possible for you so you can avoid providing any tech support and can simply sell tickets!

Ticketing FAQ

Attendee Engagement

With virtual, or “socially distant” events like drive-ins, it is critically important to have a plan for attendee engagement. The best place to start is here: treat your virtual event as much like an in-person event as possible. Remember that people are not purchasing tickets just to watch films; they are attending your event for a sense of community and involvement, especially during this isolating time. Having a plan for engagement will not only help you sell more tickets, but will foster deeper connections with your constituents both during your event and in the future.

Click here for ideas and suggestions on how to engage your audience!