Subject: Jordan Hartzell

Jordan Hartzell is a member of The Farmlink Project’s founding team. She joined to work on the website but quickly became interested in the organization’s logistics protocols, designing and implementing a food-moving operation that helped the team rescue 10 million lbs. of surplus produce in Farmlink’s first summer. When Farmlink was accepted into a startup accelerator program, Jordan took a year off of college to lead a small team tasked with designing and building a tool to help the team move surplus food at scale reliably and efficiently. After completing her degree, Jordan joined Mill as a software engineer, where she now builds infrastructure to support the company’s fleet of food dehydrator devices. Households and businesses can choose to keep the dehydrated food scraps to make compost or send the material back to Mill to be turned into a chicken feed ingredient. Jordan is passionate about mitigating food waste throughout the supply chain and using both community-based and technical solutions to make the food system more circular. Outside of her work, Jordan loves to rock climb, do yoga, and read.