Rachel Pellow

Ashland, OR

Artist Statement

I use materials foraged from wild landscapes to create a fascinating blend of natural history and contemporary art. I think of my photographs as both an environmental portrait and survey. As an artist and conservationist, my art would not be possible without the preservation of wild spaces. Visiting these places is what fuels and inspires my work. Proceeds from my work go to support reforestation and habitat restoration projects in the Greensprings Wildlife Sanctuary in Ashland, Oregon.

Submission Category:


Juried Works:

“Greensprings Summit”

Medium: Rubber Rabbitbrush Flowers, Butterfly Wings, Blue Mud Dauber, SnowBerry
Size (h” x w”): 16 x 24

Price: US$ 225 + CA tax (mounted print)

“At Home in the Wild”

 Award Winner: Judge Award – Chelo Montoya

Medium: Towhee nest, Ten lined June Beetle, Scarites Ground Beetle, Mullein, Thimbleberries, Snake Shed
Size (h” x w”): 24 x 20

Price: US$ 500 + CA tax (printed on metal and framed)

“Tilden Grove”

Medium: Fried Egg Flower, HuckleBerries, Redwood Bark, Eucalyptus Leaves, Fern
Size (h” x w”): 30 x 20

Price: US$ 325 + CA tax (mounted print)

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