Films for Pride

With June being Pride month we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few of the incredible WSFF official selections that explore LGBTQ subjects and issues in their films. Wild & Scenic focuses on storytelling and amplifying voices that have been systematically marginalized. Films can serve as a potent tool to educate and inspire activism and growth, and Wild & Scenic is committed to offering programming that addresses environmental injustice, racism, and inequity as well as lack of representation in the outdoors and environmental movements.

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TranSending follows the journey of Erin Parisi as she comes into her own identity as a Transgender woman and trains for the Seven Summits to create awareness and visibility for the Trans community. This is a journey of extensive vulnerability, heartbreak and courage. TranSending showcases the vulnerable journey into self discovery as experienced by Erin Parisi, the first Trans Woman to take on the 7 Summits.

Mairin Hart (Director), Chris Naum (Director of Photography/Editor), Lindsey Hagen (Executive Producer) | 2019 | 9 min. | 2021 Official Selection


In Dear Mother Nature we meet Wyn Wiley (he/him), aka Pattie Gonia (she/her), who has made waves over the past year as an environmental advocate drag queen. We follow Wyn as he travels to Hawaii to see first-hand the impacts of careless consumption and plastics on Mother Nature. Wyn meets with scientists, non-profit leaders, volunteers, then rallies the Pattie community to lead a beach clean-up. Ultimately, Wyn partners with sustainable fashion designer, Angela Luna, to create three dresses that personify the plastics crisis.

Tim Kressin (Director), Wyn Wiley (Creative Director), Davis Goslin (Producer), Jenny Dugan (Assistant Producer), Dayna Turnblom (Manager), Mitchell Overton (DP) | 2019 | 30 min. | 2021 Official Selection


Venture Out is a story of overcoming odds, the power of resilience, and ultimately, the ever-lasting effects of LGBTQ community building. The Venture Out Project, founded by Perry Cohen, is a nonprofit organization that brings LGBTQ folks together outdoors. In sharing Perry’s story, and hearing from the other Venture Out Project participants, we get a glimpse into the healing qualities of nature and life-saving community bonds that are being forged as a result of Perry’s work.

Palmer Morse, Jamie DiNicola, Matt Mikkelsen | 2020 | 15 min. | 2020 Official Selection