On Tour Highlight

Evanston Environmental Association

On August 25th, the Wild & Scenic On Tour makes a stop in Illinois for Evanston Environmental Association’s Wild & Scenic film festival being shown live and for free outdoors in James Park.

The Evanston Environmental Association has been showing Wild & Scenic On Tour programing since 2012. 


In 1974, the Evanston Ecology Center was built and donated to the city of Evanston by a group of citizens who believed the city would benefit greatly from a facility dedicated to environmental education and awareness. Those citizens formally organized themselves as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1976 and became the Evanston Environmental Association. 

Since those early years, the Ecology Center has been a city of Evanston operated facility providing high quality environmental education to the community and the EEA has been its non-profit partner, supporting the Center with fundraising, volunteer, and programming efforts. 


The Evanston Environmental Association (EEA) in partnership with the city of Evanston offers a variety of programs throughout the year such as:  

  • The Evanston Garden Walk — an annual event traditionally held on a Sunday afternoon in late June that allows attendees to experience the best and most beautiful gardens Evanston has to offer.  
  • Nature’s Night Out — This event brings together environmentally focused residents from Evanston and the surrounding communities for a night of food, drink, conversation, and dancing.  
  • Green Living Festival — Since 2007 with the City of Evanston, this festival was created to provide organizations with an opportunity to present products, services, and ideas to attendees seeking to lead a greener lifestyle.  
  • SAGE — a school gardening program that was started to promote a healthy future for children by getting them outdoors to plant, harvest, and, ultimately, eat the food that they have grown themselves.  


All proceeds from the film festival support the operations and programming of the Evanston Ecology Center and helps provide programs and scholarships. 

Evanston Environmental Association