Juliette Williams

Sausalito, CA

Artist Statement

I am a sculptor and painter, and my work really focuses on expressing the motion within emotion. Clay takes me back to my dance years, as it allows me to not only create the image but feel it while I create. I’ve not felt this close to my true self since dance! I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001, and have trouble walking. Creating art gives me hope, and inspires me to create what I see and feel around me. I strive to bring that hope into the world through my art as best I can.

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Juried Works:

“Love for All Beings”

Medium: Ceramic, underglazes, peacock feather, gold acrylic paint
Size (h” x w” x d x w): 15 x 8 x 6 x 10

Price: US$ 300 + CA tax

Learn More: Juliettemorriswilliams.com 


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