Anna Moot-Levin | 2011 | 6 min.

2013 Official Selection

Nature takes an unexpected twist in WELL-FED, a black comedy short documentary featuring four avid carnivorous plant collectors. “I used to have dreams about them almost every night… I think that they were almost beckoning me,” declares Peter, founder of “California Carnivores,” one of the largest carnivorous plant collections in the world. Damon feels enslaved by his plants just like a bug trapped on a sticky leaf. 16-year-old Axel will bring his award winning collection wherever he goes. Finally, Geoff explains that in the end all plants, not only carnivorous ones, are feeding off of animals. Shot on 16mm color film, WELL-FED delivers an up-close look at exquisite flesh-eating plants in this sordid tale of who is eating whom.