We Eat Fish!

Daven Hafey, Malena Marvin, Kendall Rock | 2016 | 26 min.

2017 Official Selection

Alaska remains home to some of the cleanest waters, healthiest salmon runs, and wild, abundant seafood left in the world. These resources, at the heart of our economy, culture, and way of life, are what make Alaska strong. The Clean Water Act sets out a formula for protecting these precious resources. A key factor in the formula is how much fish and seafood a state’s residents eat. Ignoring the reality that many Alaskans subsist on wild, healthy seafood, the State of Alaska has arbitrarily set this number outrageously low. “We Eat Fish!” explores how much fish Alaskans eat, and why it matters to our water, our seafood, and you.

More info: www.insidepassagewaterkeeper.org