Unacceptable Levels

Ed Brown | 2013 | 76 min.

2014 Official Selection

Today, we have over 80,000 chemicals in our system of commerce and shockingly, there are few limitations on these at this time, and our bodies are being forced to deal with them every single day. On average, all of us have over 232 industrial chemicals floating around in our bodies, and the research is showing that this is now a huge reason for concern. There is a growing consciousness in research facilities across the globe, as in the United States and many other countries, we are pouring billions of dollars into research, testing, drug creation and new agencies to combat disease, but our understanding of the issue has remained entrenched in treatment. This film suggests that prevention is the one part of the equation that is much simpler, inexpensive and can be demonstrative in helping people to live longer, happier lives. Unacceptable Levels has been designed to delve into this issue from twelve distinct angles, to provide audiences with information that they may not be aware of, and significant change must be taken. From health care to regulations, we explore every angle of this issue to provide others with the big picture so people can make up their own minds to determine what is acceptable in their own lives.