The Wind Blows the Border

Laura Faerman, Marina Weis, Alziro Barbosa, Karen Akerman, Julio Matos Lima, Marcelo Félix, Marcinho Zolà, Rodrigo Díaz Díaz, Luís Ludmer, Marina Weis, Leandro Lamezi, Vinicius Angotti Guissoni Fernando Cavalcante, Paulo Seabra, Ubiratan Guidio, Bruna Schroeder Araujo, Carol Alberini, Jean Fichefeu | 2022 | 77 min.

2023 Official Selection

In the heart of Brazilian agribusiness, the indigenous teacher Alenir Aquino fights for her community’s right to ancestral lands. On the opposite side of this dispute is the heiress of those lands, Luana Ruiz, a lawyer with strong relations with the Bolsonarist federal power.

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