The Lone Wolverine of the Wallowas

Alan Lacy (Writer, Director, Producer), Carey Jones (Narrator), Johnny Brandt (Cinematographer), Chris Emerick (Cinematographer), Alan Lacy (Cinematography), Chris Fischer (Editor), Jamie Goodwick (Aerial Cinematography), Kayla Shively (Additional Camera), Scott Shively (Additional Camera), Alan Lacy (Original Music) | 2023 | 18 min.

2024 Official Selection

A husband and wife research team follow in the footsteps of a renowned wolverine expert in the Wallowa Mountains of Eastern Oregon in hopes of detecting the presence of a lone male wolverine named Stormy. They set up several remote monitoring stations deep in the Eagle Cap Wilderness during the dead of winter, and in some of the harshest conditions. Additionally they hope to document the presence of a female as well, but will they even find what they are looking for?

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