The Linesman

Dominic Gill (Director), Nadia Gill (Producer), Encompass Films (Production Company) | 2020 | 26 min.

2021 Official Selection

This film tells the story of one man’s mission to end human-elephant conflict in his homeland. With an unprecedented view of the plight of threatened villagers and their massive, majestic foes — the Asian Elephant — we come to truly understand both sides of this deadly struggle. Set in the rural landscape of Myanmar, The Linesman illustrates how decades of massive deforestation, the loss of critical habitat, and the increase in elephant poaching for ivory and skin have driven elephants to desperate measures to survive. In the search for food and safety, they invade nearby villages destroying essential crops and posing a lethal risk to villagers. To protect their livelihoods and their loved ones, some villages have resorted to calling in brutal poachers to stop the elephants. The destruction on both sides has created devastating results that demand a search for solutions.

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