Tales of the San Joaquin – A River Restored

Christopher Beaver | 2010 | 55 min.

2011 Official Selection

For the first time in nearly 60 years, the 350-mile long San Joaquin River, the second largest in California, has come back to life. The hope-filled Tales of the San Joaquin – A River Restored revises an earlier version of the film that was used as evidence in a successful federal lawsuit to restore the river. For twenty years an activist coalition fought in the courtroom to restore the river and return salmon to the San Joaquin’s waters. This newly re-edited version provides more details on the historic plight of the river, the beauty of the river before water diversion for agriculture reduced the river to a desert, and features a visual ballet of the restored water coursing down the dry river bed with local grape farmer Walt Shubin as our guide.