Redwoods: Anatomy of a Giant

John Rubin and James Donald | 2009 | 50 min.

2011 Official Selection

Award Winner: 2011 Most Inspiring Adventure Film

Redwoods: Anatomy of a Giant tells the story of the world’s tallest living trees. Humboldt State University’s Steve Sillett, the first researcher to explore the redwood canopy, is obsessed with monster redwoods. Just when Sillett thinks he’s climbed and measured an unbeatably tall tree, another one turns up in a hidden valley of California and breaks the record. As Sillett investigates redwoods up in their towering crowns, National Geographic Explorer in Residence Mike Fay is charting the entire redwood range on the ground, step by step, on an epic year long journey to get a sense of the past … and future of the world’s most awe inspiring living things.