Last Fisherman

James Stier, Leo Kaserer | 2016 | 73 min.

2018 Official Selection

Malcolm Baker is the last traditional Fisherman in the Rame Peninsula, a beautiful, sleepy and forgotten corner of Cornwall, England. Still fishing like generations before, he relies on traditional tools, techniques and a knowledge of the sea. Making crab pots by hand, repairing and restoring his hand-built wooden boats and sowing his nets. Malcolm keeps the local fishing tradition alive. He is a holding pattern, preserving a dying industry and a constant reminder of a way of life that doesn’t exist anymore.

The Last Fisherman provides a reminder that progress, industrialism and rapid change can have a harmful impact on industries, communities and individuals. Nevertheless, in the face of change, there are individuals stout of heart, young and old, who band together, celebrate hard graft and always do a ‘proper job’.

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