Last Call For The Bayou

Dominic Gill, Nadia Gill, Encompass Films | 2019 | 53 min.

2020 Official Selection

Louisiana’s delta is a veritable bounty of rich estuarine life, supporting a robust commercial fishing industry, fertile oil fields, millions of migrating waterfowl, and at the heart of it all the mighty Mississippi – a navigation channel that allows the passage of goods worldwide. The erosion of Louisiana’s wetlands is one of the greatest environmental threats the US faces today. Every hour a chunk the size of a football field is lost. Without a mitigation strategy, the marine economy, oil and gas, and even the citizens of New Orleans will be seeking refuge elsewhere in 30 years or so.

This 5-part digital series chronicles the lives of individuals who are experiencing that loss in the deepest parts of the Bayou. Through them, we learn that Louisiana is the canary in a coal mine for the coastal land loss that will happen worldwide. We learn what the Bayou means to the people who live there as we watch them wrestle with the survival of their home.

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