I Just Love to Paddle

Marta Czajkowska | 2010 | 31 min.

2012 Official Selection

There are few paddlers in the world that can match experience and knowledge of Nappy Napoleon. If there were degrees in paddling, he has the highest doctorate. “I Just Love to Paddle” is a story of a man who lives, loves, practices, teaches and perpetuates an ancient tradition in the contemporary world. There are many stories of heroes long gone, but this is a story about somebody who is still around us and who serves as source of vast knowledge and a connection to the ancient Hawaiian traditions. Nappy provides a modern day example of an ancient Hawaiian paradigm: superb ocean judgment, wisdom about the hearts of others, total commitment to his life calling, and an unparalleled decency of character. The story focuses on an expedition in July 2008, when Napoleon (67 years old) with five paddling companions attempt to cross 9 Hawaiian channels in 6 consecutive days, each in a one-man outrigger canoe, a total of almost 240 miles.