From the Ground to the Clouds

Denise Zmekhol | 2013 | 8 min.

2014 Official Selection

Fifty years ago Jane Goodall set out to study the wild chimpanzees of Tanzania with little more than a pair of second-hand binoculars, some pencils and a notebook. Today she has upgraded the tools of the trade. FROM THE GROUND TO THE CLOUD, a beautifully crafted short documentary, showcases the unique collaboration between the Jane Goodall Institute, Google Earth Outreach, and local villagers in their effort to monitor forests threatened by deforestation and erosion. Together they are using mobile devices, satellite imagery and cloud-based mapping technologies to create a comprehensive picture of the conservation challenges in the Congo Basin. This beautifully crafted film captures this transformational approach to habitat conservation as their work gives hope to the survival of endangered chimpanzee populations and contributes to a global effort to monitor natural resources around the world.