Field Spotlight: Nan Hauser

Peter Stonier, John Martin, Becca Field, Sebastian Perry | 2013 | 6 min.

2014 Official Selection

“I’ve slid down the backs of whales, I’ve had whales ram my boat” — Nan Hauser is a marine biologist and Conservation International Marine Fellow who studies whales and dolphins. She’s gotten extraordinary footage of whales doing everything from breaching her dinghy to playing with dolphins in the high seas — some of which you can see in this video. Nan studies whales to save them. She helped create a whale sanctuary larger than Western Europe in the Cook Islands, where she’s worked for the past twenty years. Now she’s partnering with CI to develop the Cook Islands Marine Park — bigger than Alaska, it is one of the largest protected areas on earth. Discover how through love, devotion, and sheer force of personality Nan has been making a massive difference, using her research to keep the oceans blue.