Eyes Up: A Mural for the Tenderloin

Steve Agnos and Henry Dombey (Co-Director), Henry Dombey (Director of Photography), Matt Abrams (Drone Photography) | 2023 | 15 min.

2024 Official Selection

Eyes Up: A Mural for the Tenderloin follows a group of artists as they paint a 6 story mural in the heart of the Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco, California. As the viewer watches these talented artists create this larger than life project, we learn more about the place and how investing in street art has a positive effect on the community. This bittersweet story gives some sense of hope to a place that has been used as a pawn in a national media game to represent a neighborhood that is struggling. The Muralistas and their work unpack some of the larger issues facing urban downtown areas and shows how street-art is a process that contains hope, pride, and place for a community.

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