Disappearing Penguins

Maarten van Rouveroy (Director/Cameraman/Editor), Alex Yallop (Producer) | 2020 | 15 min.

2021 Official Selection

Award Winner: 2021 Best Children’s Film

A team of scientists travels to Elephant Island, a remote island off the Antarctic peninsula, to find out how its penguin population is faring. Penguins are not just charismatic animals. They are a keystone species in Antarctica and an important indicator of the health of the Antarctic ecosystem. The results from this research expedition made headlines around the world and contribute to the call for protection of Antarctica through large scale ocean sanctuaries. The film is narrated by Alison Sudol, actress, singer, and Antarctic ambassador for Greenpeace.

More Information: www.noctiluca.tv   |   www.greenpeace.org   |   www.tinyurl.com/y6yzhgty