Dear Governor Hickenlooper

Stash Wislocki, David Holbrooke, Allison Wolff | 2014 | 70 min.

2015 Official Selection

This film is a compilation by Colorado creatives that follows Shane Davis (a.k.a. The Fractivist) as he guides us through a series of vignettes. These stories were collected from the state’s filmmakers, farmers, skiers, activists and concerned citizens and use both science and emotional appeal to explain why fracking is problematic in Colorado. This confident and brash film incorporates work from filmmakers, including Suzan Beraza (Bag It and Uranium Drive-In), Alexandria Bombach (“MoveShake” series and Common Ground), Pete McBride (Chasing Water and The Water Tower), Jeff Orlowski (Chasing Ice) and Scott Upshur (The Local’s Bite).