Courage of Neighbors: Stories from the Rwandan Genocide, The

Iara Lee | 2010 | 3 min.

2013 Official Selection

According to Human Rights Watch, the Rwandan genocide resulted in the death of at least 800,000 people. In a matter of months in early 1994, Hutus slaughtered the majority of the country’s Tutsi population, despite the fact that the two groups had long lived side-by-side. However, amid these terrible acts of violence, incredible stories of humanity also emerged. Many Hutus, defying ethnic divisions, risked their lives by hiding Tutsi neighbors in their homes. In 2008, Tutsis who were saved reunited with those neighbors who put their lives on the line and rejected violence. This short film interviews both Hutus and Tutsis as they recall incredible acts of humanity that took place even during the darkest days of the genocide.