Platte River Valley
Crane Trust

-Sandhill cranes and snow geese in air and on roost.

-Central Platte River and valley assorted landscapes

-Planes carrying Crane Trust biologists Andy Caven and Jenna Malzahn, and pilot Paul Dunning (pilot Travis Lattin flying me) counting cranes over Platte River and Alda Bridge.

-Assorted aerials of Platte River Valley at sunrise, with survey plane, with sandhill cranes on roost, white-tailed deer crossing river, trumpeter swans on river, snow geese on river, in flight and over fields, cropping patterns, center pivots, Sand hills south of the Platte River, hay bales, cattle etc.

-Sandhill crane flocks in flight across blue sky (+VID)
-Snow geese flocks in flight across blue sky (+VID)

-Northern harrier in flight

-Red-tailed hawks in flight

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