Black Inside-Three Women’s Voices

Rodney Rascona, Russ Haan, Phil Tidy | 2012 | 12 min.

2013 Official Selection

Nearly half the planet still cooks over an open fire. The toxic smoke created from the basic act of cooking, kills nearly 2 million people each year – most of the victims are women and children. It is the 5th largest killer of people worldwide. BLACK INSIDE-Three Women’s Voices’- was created to raise awareness about the problems which half the world’s women face each day, simply by cooking over open fire, and to highlight the astonishing impact a low-cost, locally produced, clean cookstove can have on a woman’s household. The film makers, directed by award-winning photographer Rodney Rascona, crisscross three continents to make the issue personal. Three women from three countries tell their own heartfelt story in their own words, framed by the mist shrouded cliffs of the Peruvian Andes, India’s richly chaotic border with Nepal and the remote, drought affected arid lands of Kenya’s northern deserts – ‘BLACK INSIDE-Three Women’s Voices’ gives us an intimate view to Sarah, Vandana and Monica as strong and dignified women who regardless of their cultural differences or the hardships endured, each share the same aspirations of a better life for their children and how a simple stove can bring extraordinary change.