A Message From The Future of Paradise

Allen M. Myers | 2020 | 7 min.

2021 Official Selection

In 2018, the historic Camp Fire destroyed the town of Paradise, CA and killed 85 people. In its wake, the community gathered to talk about their values and enact them in the rebuilding. Their vision ensured housing and employment for the survivors, and an economy and community that are resilient in disaster and in harmony with nature. A Message From The Future of Paradise is set 50 years in the future and reflects on the rebuilding process in Paradise. It is comprised of 12 original paintings documented from start to finish with stop-motion. Stroke by stroke the artist creates each painting, mirroring the process of a community manifesting a vision. With each step, the vision becomes clearer. The film is a blueprint for communities around the world who are facing disastrous conditions and seek to create a better world.

More Information: www.allen-myers.com   |   www.regeneratingparadise.org