6,000 Miles

CalWild (Producer) Colorfool Films (Producer) Masha Karpoukhina (Directing, Cinematography and Editing) Justin LaFleur (additional Cinematography) In partnership with (HiPark, American Whitewater) | 2023 | 11 min.

2024 Official Selection

In 6,000 Miles you’ll meet Kayla Lopez, a multifaceted artist and river activist, alongside Steve Evans, the impassioned Wild Rivers Director at CalWild. This compelling duo offers an exciting and educational exploration of California’s Wild Rivers, blending both expertise and passion to illuminate the essence and threats to our precious waterways.

Kayla, an artist and devoted packrafter, has a unique and beautiful story that embodies an ardent dedication to her passions that blends with river advocacy. Alongside her, Steve Evans, with decades spent lobbying for wild rivers in Congress, brings a wealth of experience and commitment to the cause.

Join this dynamic pair in 6,000 Miles as they bring forth their connection to the Trinity River in northwest California, and all of California’s Wild Rivers, to unveil CalWild’s mission of safeguarding 6,000 miles of rivers by 2028. Their journey unfolds a narrative that transcends advocacy, revealing the intricate connection and profound significance of preserving our wild rivers.

More Information:

https://www.calwild.org/ | https://www.colorfoolfilms.com/