What is a film session?

A session is a grouping of films shown together in an approximate 1.5-2 hour block. Some sessions may include additional elements such as a filmmaker panel, Q&A session, etc.

We have programmed over 100 adventure and environmental shorts and features to inspire activism and fuel your engagement with the most timely environmental issues our planet is facing. While the majority of films will be available throughout the festival to watch at your leisure, a handful of screenings will be released or take place on certain dates and times. Geographic Restrictions, Availability Windows, and Ticket Caps dictated by filmmakers and distributors may limit the ability to unlock some sessions. This information will be noted within each session where applicable.

In total there are 40 film sessions during the festival. Each film session averages about 1.5 hours in length and contains 3-6 films on average. Some include additional materials such as related filmmaker panels, Q&A’s, introductions, etc. which can extend the total viewing time. Access to workshops, talks and chats, and other supplemental programming is offered for free and does not require the purchase of a pass or ticket.

To access films you will need to ‘unlock’ that title on the scheduled day of its release. To see how many individual tickets you have used from your pass or pack, visit the My Passes page and look at how many “uses” there have been. To see which individual session tickets you have unlocked, visit the My Tickets page for a full list of film sessions you’ve preordered or unlocked.