Q: What are the technical requirements?

A: There are some minimum technical requirements to ensure you have a quality screening. Custom film programs are burned onto a high quality Blu-ray disk that contains the Wild & Scenic trailer, hosting partner logo, as well as any sponsor logos you would like to include. You will receive two discs, a master and a back up. We will provide you with all of the Technical Guidelines so you can be sure you are crossing all your technical requirements off the list:

  1. AV technician
  2. Blu-ray+R player
  3. Digital Projector
  4. Movie screen
  5. Sound system
  6. Lighting

Most traditional movie theaters come equipped with these essentials, but of course it’s always important to check. If you choose a nontraditional venue (hall, community center, auditorium, etc.) many are not film ready. You probably need to bring in your own projection, sound and lighting equipment, but you also may need to black out windows or make quiet closures. Not to worry, we have a whole section in our Festival Toolkit outlining best practices for transforming any space into a movie theater.