I have slow internet – can I still watch?

Our virtual platform Eventive offers adaptive bitrate streaming, meaning that the resolution will adjust based on your internet speeds. That said, it all depends on your provider and their speeds, so expect similar results to what you experience when streaming other videos online. One alternative to virtual viewing is to attend some of the in-person festivities taking place Jan. 13-17 in Nevada City and Grass Valley, CA

Also, if you have friends or family with whom you feel safe gathering that have better internet, this could be a good opportunity to watch some films together. In addition to our films, we do plan to have additional programming such as our virtual art exhibition, enviro fair, auction, self-guided excursions, and more. So we hope you find a way to engage with the festival that works for you, even if it’s not quite what we all had in mind!

We are aware that many in our community do not have ideal conditions under which to stream video, and the need to pivot to a virtual platform is an unfortunate byproduct of the pandemic facing us. Our priority from the outset has been to contribute to the overall safety and health of our community, and plan an event where we could still offer programming and connect with folks to further the environmental movement. Given the new reality of living in a COVID-19 world, creating a virtual festival was our best option in order to stay afloat and continue serving our community.