How can I watch live Filmmaker Q&As and panels?

Having the chance to interact and hear from filmmakers and special guests is one of the greatest parts of attending a film festival! While all the films are on-demand, there are several live stream Q&As and panels which are part of the film sessions. Film sessions that include a live stream Q&A or panel can be found by clicking the Live Stream tab in the Virtual Catalog: You will see them labelled as such. When you use a ticket or pass to unlock one of these sessions, the live stream comes with the film session. The date and time of the live stream will be noted in the screening room. Live Filmmaker Q&As and panels occur within ticketed film sessions. Once you’ve unlocked the program, be sure to click “Watch Now” within the 24-hour window in which the live stream occurs in order to watch and participate live in Filmmaker Q&As and panels. Check our Schedule at a Glance for the most up to date information on when our live streams occur: SCHEDULE AT A GLANCE