Friends of Spenceville

Location: Western Nevada County and Eastern Yuba County, CA

Mission Statement: Friends of Spenceville was formed to educate the public about Spenceville, and in so doing, preserve Spenceville as a wildlife and recreation area.

Organization Description: Friends of Spenceville (FOS) is a 501c3 non-profit California corporation formed in 2000 to oppose the Waldo Dam, which would have flooded the heart of Spenceville. The dam was never built. Since then the FOS was conducted quarterly roadside cleanups, led guided hikes, volunteered on projects and successfully opposed the Yuba Highlands project, a misguided development in Yuba County that would have turned Spenceville into a commuter thoroughfare.

Take Action:

Spenceville’s 11,000+ acres has no toilet facilities. We are beginning this spring to reach out to the increasing number of hikers, birders and wildflower enthusiasts that have discovered Spenceville during the pandemic to generate interest in funding and maintaining a vault toilet near the old mine site at the end of Spenceville Road. Contact Richard Thomas with any interest or questions at (530) 264-6740.

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