Bird Genoscape Project

Featured in the Film Feathers in Flight: The Bird Genoscape Project

Location: Colorado

Mission Statement: Mapping the Flyways of the Americas

Organization Description: The Bird Genoscape Project is an effort to map the population-specific migratory flyways of 100 species of migratory birds. The first step towards determining the population-specific migration routes is building a Genoscape, or a map of genetic variation across geographic space. By harnessing recent advances in next-generation sequencing, we can scan the genomes of these birds and identify base pairs that are unique to a particular population.



We rely on your support to make our work possible. If you are interested in supporting the Bird Genoscape Project, please visit either:

  • Colorado State University (CSU) online giving portal
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) online giving portal

You can also contact Kristen Ruegg or Teia Schweizer.

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