Deborah Bridges

Grass Valley, CA

Artist Statement

Balance, Alchemy, and Within are the titles of these three sculptures that I am submitting here. They belong to my current body of work titled “Persona”. It is only by each individual beginning to question the personas they inhabit (and believe) that the world at large has any hope of turning the ship on our own destruction. Persona – a kind of mask designed on the one hand to make a definite impression on an other, and on the other hand to obscure one’s true nature.

Submission Category:


Juried Works:


Medium: Oil & cold wax, mixed media
Size (h” x w”x d x w): 25 x 11 x 18 x 15

Price: US$ 2,800 + CA tax

(for pick up only at Fable Coffee, Nevada City, CA)

 Award Winner: Three-Dimensional


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